Work to make 
a change in the world


It is not enough to do an excellent job. We believe that the contribution we make to future generations is essential: improve the quality of life, the air we breathe, and take care of our resources.


Each of the decisions we make in UPGREEN improves the quality of life in the world. Each of our projects also contributes to improving the quality of life for the less fortunate near and far.

Environmental and economic
sustainability for our clients

The synergy between our knowledge of clean technologies and customer needs, allows us to find the best cost-efficient solution  and protecting the environment. So that our customers gain the power they deserve. This is the basis of our design and project development criteria.

Open and trustworthy


We communicate openly, honestly and constructively with
our clients and collaborators in order to achieve mutual 
understanding and find clear and efficient solutions for all.


Renewable energies are our passion. Discovering and applying the infinite possibilities offered by nature motivates us to seek the best solutions for your needs. We want you to feel the power that nature has to offer you!



We leverage the most expert installers in your area. Our associates follow the best UPGREEN practices and guidelines to get the best cost-effective solution out of renewable energy.


Our team has the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to make the best out of renewable sources for our customer’s benefit.


UPGREEN platform has built with safety and quality in mind. Our project management tool keeps you connected with every step in your project. We're dedicated to helping you get your power with ease.


All associates must complete a detailed experience assessment before being approved as UPGREEN associates.




UPGREEN wants to give you the power to take advantage of renewable energy sources for your benefit and that of society. Combining these sources we engineer the best cost-effective solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural costumers. 


Through the design and development of clean energy generation solutions, we help you to reduce your environmental footprint, your energy cost and improve your quality of life.

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